Hindmarsh Hall Hire Charges 2020

Please note that setting up time and clearing up time has to be included in the booking and will be chargeable.



  1. Basic rates per hour


  • Main Hall £16


  • Meeting Room £9


There are reduced rates for regular users of the hall. Regular users are those groups who use the hall on a weekly/monthly/sessional basis and have done so for a minimum of 8 weeks.


Regular user fees are:


Main hall: £12


Small hall: £7


  1. Daily rate for meetings/conferences/activities


Whole day meetings in working hours (9am to 5pm) are charged at:


£55 for the Lower Hall (rather than £72 at the hourly rate)


£100 for the Main Hall (rather than £128 at the hourly rate)


£150 for the whole building (rather than £225 at the hourly rate)



  1. Larger functions using the whole building (parties, weddings etc)


  • All day from 9am to 11pm £200


  • Afternoon and evening £150


  • For a 3-day event using the whole building such as a wedding (first day to set up, second day for the event, third day to clear away, the charge is £500.


  1. Extras – to be discussed with the Booking Secretary


Use of the Kitchen:


  • £25 if wanting use of the full kitchen and all the equipment therein


  • £10 if just wanting the use of the kettle and basic cups and saucers and limited cutlery


Crockery/Glasses/Cutlery/Tablecloths /Sound system/Projector available for hire at an additional cost. Please discuss this with the Booking secretary at the time of booking.


Please note that if you plan to bring any electrical equipment into the hall we must see a copy of the PAT test certificate at the time of booking.


  1. Deposit – to be discussed with the Bookings Secretary


Apart from regular users, a deposit of £20 is required to confirm a booking.


For large, multi-day events such as weddings and large parties the deposit required is £150

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