The Hindmarsh Hall

A Refurbished Hall - Help us raise the £80,000 needed to complete our project

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Big plans for our Hall!

  • Our 4 phased plan to refurbish the hall continues.

  • We have Tom Batey helping us with his expertise in property development. He has advised on more cost effective ways to proceed and has driven down the costs from suppliers and he will oversee the contractors. This has made a huge difference to the budget and is a huge help to the trustees.

  • Last year we removed the stage and opened up the east windows.

  • Now we are moving to Phases 1 and 2 where we remove all the existing wainscoting, flooring, heating and wiring ready to start a complete refurbishment of the upper hall.

  • A new floor will be laid in February.





  • We have raised funds for Phases 1 and 2 through fundraising, generous local donations and grants from Trusts including Bernard Sunley Foundation, Joicey Trust, Barbour Foundation, William Webster, Northumberland County Council Community Chest and The United Grand Lodge of Freemasons

  • We are looking for further funding of approximately £20,000 to progress stage 3 which will see the upper Hall reopened with new heating, lighting and decorations.

  • A further £50,000 would allow Phase 4 to proceed with secondary double glazing fitted to the windows in the Upper Hall.


The aim is for the Hall to continue to serve the community into the rest of this century. It will be more sustainable thanks to reduced running costs and increased rental income.